Las Vegas Locals Learn to Make their Own Brand of Wine!

Las Vegas Locals Learn to Make their Own Brand of Wine!

During October, around 5,000 guests visit the Vegas Valley Winery to learn about and create a barrel of their very own homemade wine.

*FYI: No feet are used to crush grapes, there are machines for that!

Every October, wine enthusiasts gather in Henderson, NV at the Vegas Valley Winery, the first and only winery in the Las Vegas Valley. This year 300 guests participated daily in the crushing, fermentation and barreling process of their very own brand of wine. Over the course of 28 days starting from noon until midnight, visitors attend Grape Expectations Las Vegas, the only winemaking school of its kind in town. Here they learned the ins and outs and participated in making wine with professional sommeliers.

8-10 guests, brand new and experienced alike form a group to make a barrel; which consists of 240 bottles of wine. They split the cost and come to a consensus of what type of wine they’re going to make. Staff at the Vegas Valley Winery make it fun and fair to choose. Each group member brings a bottle of wine to taste for a goal of duplicating the winning bottle to begin the process.

It takes nine months to process going until the wine is at its finest. Not only do they make the wine, they design and print their own labels as well.

Fun Fact: every household in America is allowed two barrels of wine, per person per year for their own personal use, tax free.

At the Vegas Valley Winery, visitors create homemade wine in a professional area and the tools are handled by professional winemakers.

“It is homemade wine made professionally in a common environment.” Says KJ, The Professor. “That means you’re not doing it in a bathtub, it’s the real deal.”

KJ “The Professor” – The Science of Wine class

The founder of the Grape Expectations Wine School, is a very well known food and beverage connoisseur in Las Vegas, named Charlie Peters. He thought it would be a great idea to start a wine school in the area. It took a lot of work and time to come to fruition, but it has become a true gem and one of a kind experience within the city.

Vegas Valley Winery’s tasting room is the evolution of their sister business next door, Grape Expectations. The doors opened on December 8th, 2017. It was not only made possible due to the hard work of Grape Expectations & Vegas Valley Winery staff, but also due to the tremendous support of loyal winemakers. 

During the year, many events take place within the Vegas Valley Winery, from wine and yoga, to wine and painting, to live music, and much more! Click here to find out about upcoming events.

You may book a tour of the winery or enjoy a taste of Nevada made wine at the wine bar. It is an intimate atmosphere for a unique and special date night, social meeting and even a book club or card club meeting. Stop by and explore today!

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