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Las Vegas Locals Push to Get Unstuck!

Las Vegas locals gather at the West Charleston Library to share personal stories of tribulation, recovery and strength.

Raquel Sharper – Event Speaker

Just like many around the world, as Las Vegas locals we learn to live and grow through our different life tragedies and not to stay in the stage of feeling stuck. In 2016, a group was formed for individuals to come together and encourage one another locally in Las Vegas. This group is called the Unstuck Happiness community. The Unstuck Happiness community features a Happiness Conference for locals to come, meet others and share how they have overcome their hardships.

The creator of the Unstuck Happiness Conference, John Polish invites speakers around the city that have powerful stories to share about how they pushed through tragedy to follow their dreams. This conference allowed speakers to share the exact strategies they used to move beyond difficult the circumstances they have faced.

John Polish – Unhappiness Conference Founder

“I met others who craved to know that they weren’t alone. This sparked the idea to have a conference to create this community of support, here in Las Vegas.” Said creator, John Polish.

This event is set for attendees to interact with speakers and other attendees for opportunities to build lasting relationships in the community.

Ashley King was an attendee at a previous conference and was inspired to share her own story at this year’s event. She spoke at this current conference about a great tragedy in her life and how moving to the Las Vegas area and being apart of the Unstuck community has helped her break through.

Ashley King – Event Speaker

“Seeing the different perspectives and hearing the stories of others allowed me to step outside myself and see life through someone else’s experience.” Says Ashley King. “This led to me being open to sharing my own story this year.”

The Unstuck Happiness Conferences brings together a group of speakers within the Las Vegas area who have all overcome tremendous adversity and have emerged as an inspiration to others. Whether an attendee or a spectator, this experience is sure to get you Unstuck.

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