Local Las Vegas High School Students Prepare for the Future

Local Las Vegas High School Students Prepare for the Future

Clark County students participate in the 3rd Annual Las Vegas College and Career Fair presented by the College Access Group.

This October, local Las Vegas High school students arrived at Valley High School to learn about some of the many college and career and possibilities for their futures. They spoke with professionals with experience in careers within the National Basketball League (NBA), medical field, U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, music industry, and more. These students left with the message that there are multiple avenues toward success.

The College Access Program’s mission in creating this program was to build an environment for any student to feel welcome whether they decide to attend college or not. It not only shows students about their college options, but career options as well. 

Jerome Williams and scholarship recipients.

The College Access Group also partnered with Jerome Williams, former NBA player, and the National Basketball Retired Players Association. Scholarships are also available to high school seniors specifically for HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Jerome attended the event and answered many of the students’ questions on what it takes to succeed within professional basketball and throughout life. 

The Las Vegas College and Career Fair allows colleges and professional organizations to come to the students. College counselors were also in attendance to help students find a pathway toward college.

This years’ employers attended the event looking for future interns, apprentices, and students searching for positions during or right after high school. Cane’s restaurant sponsored the event and even allowed students to fill out job applications on the spot.

“It is very important for all students to know that they may attend this event and learn of the many career opportunities that they can go to right out of high school or after their college careers.” Says Kirk Williams, the event organizer and founder. “This event is one of the most unique, energetic, innovative, information rich, post-secondary educational events in the country.” 

House of Blues – Music Forward Foundation

“Many students are told to go to college and finish to receive a degree to get a job. College is important, but it’s not for everyone.” Says Kirk Williams. “In our local community our goal is to open students’ awareness up to more opportunities that may best suit them on their journeys.”

There are two events per year. The next Las Vegas College and Career Fair event will be in April 2020. 

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