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The Las Vegas Arts Council Explore Biases within the Community

Locals gather at the Las Vegas Historic Fifth Street school to discuss accessibility and equality. This Las Vegas Arts Council believes that every person should be treated equally and appropriately. This year the Arts Council hosted an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Summit. The IDEA Summit is a workshop for concerned locals to join […]


Las Vegas Locals Experience Caribbean Culture

Local Las Vegans were invited to the Arts District Downtown Las Vegas to experience the Carribean Carnival festival like Vegas has never seen before. The Carribean Carnival consisted of a daybreak party called Jaboulay (J’ouvert or Jouvay) and a parade of the bands the next day. Event organizer, Kelly Ann Wilson and her team were […]


Las Vegas Locals Celebrate Oktoberfest!

Las Vegas Locals come for family fun and experience the one and only replica of the Great Hofbrauhaus located in Munich, Germany. Cheering and standing on benches with a liter of beer in hand is only part of the great experience and atmosphere of being at the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus.  The Hofbrauhaus is an authentic […]

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